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There are many services on the Internet where you can compile your own list consisting of songs that you also like, besides the computer can add other songs that will suit your preferences . Such a service would not you provide society: Elles, Genc, ​​Mina, Day, Mimi, Titus or clan. If you make these people listen to the radio with commitment, then they are creditable. You really could not ask for better society. What is unique about our radio, is that presenters at Radio KFOR are moderators and DJ, and at the same time they entertain you, inform and enable direct contact Internet audience. segments produced and direct emissions, affecting different areas of life, such as social issues, health, beauty, fashion and much more … Through our system, listeners can communicate with their DJ radio favorite, simply by sending a message, which may include musical requirements. musical radio format is launching the latest Top 40 hits foreign and domestic, as well as providing the latest information regarding the activities of KFOR into Kosovo. combination of recent hits and music of various information, provides enjoyable entertainment within the radio frequency KFOR. local frequencies for various parts of Kosovo: Kosovo Across 90.2 FM 104.3 FM Gnjilane Dukagjin: 93.4 FM Mitrovica: 100.8 FM Prizren: 107.9 FM. Radio K4 official website address is

Genres: Pop, Talk

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