Radio Guaira 89.7 FM


About Radio Guaira 89.7 FM

Radio Costa Oeste FM in Guaira operates on the 89.7 FM frequency. With the main focus on showing news, sport, culture, music, politics, and events from across the region. A varied program with journalism, interviews, entertainment, and a draw every day. That’s why this radio is the new passion of the frontier! Its scope reaches several municipalities on the west coast of Parana, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Paraguay, in addition to its audience and prestige with worldwide programming through the online portal. Its programs and services are created using the trends and preferences of listeners from home and abroad. Because of this, Radio Guaira 89.7 FM attracts lots of listeners daily.


Language: Português


Contact Number: +(44) 3642 – 1945

WhatsApp: +44991185606

Address: Rua Acácio Nunes, 1065 Guaíra – PR 85980-000

Frequency: Guaíra, 89.7 MHz FM

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