Radio Fuze


About Radio Fuze

Created in 2011, Radio Fuze is a non-commercial radio station.
Its members act for communication and cultural sharing, so radio also participates in social and economic life.
Radio Fuze goal is to become a quality referent for the common interest of Uzege.
Radio action leads to shared knowledge by creating a social bond both between its members and also on its broadcasting territory.
By authorization of the Superior council of audio-visual Radio Fuze have a temporary frequency of 9 months renewable each year. Radio Fuze seeks final broadcasting authorization from the Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel (C.S.A.)
Engaged by the regulation of the C.S.A., Fuze contributes to promote all the values of integrations and solidarity of the Republic.
Contact Info:
CH du Mas Careiron 30700 – Uzes
Phone: +33 9 80 78 99 96;
Radio Fuze website address is

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