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Radio Euskadi is the Spanish-language channel of Eusko Irratia, the Basque public radio broadcast. Broadcast station with a checked educational nature, imagined as a public help, open to society and which, from closeness to the audience, offers data and amusement 24 hours per day. A genuine impression of the majority of Basque society, Radio Euskadi gives spaces to meeting, discourse and quiet reflection.

Contact Details

Website: radio-euskadi

FaceBook: radioeuskadi.RE

Twitter: radioeuskadi

Instagram: eitb

Youtube: eitb

Wikipedia: Radio_Euskadi

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +34 944 012 430

Address: Capuchinos de Basurto, 2 – Bilbao Basque, Spain ES-48013

Frequency: Devesos 101.8 MHz, San Sebastian 95.0 MHz and 103.0 MHz, Zubieta 96.3 MHz

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