Radio El Bolsón 106.7


About Radio El Bolsón 106.7

Radio El Bolsón 106.7 is a radio station that broadcasts from El Bolsón, Argentina. It offers world news, Latin music, and local information. The station is run by Silvina Christensen and Rodrigo Sotomayor, who are journalists and radio hosts. The station has been on the air for more than 14 years. Since the beginning of its journey it has been an important source of information and entertainment for the community of El Bolsón. Its programming is aimed at a wide audience, from young people to older adults. Radio El Bolsón 106.7 is your radio to connect with music, news, info and more from El Bolsón.


FaceBook: radioelbolson

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +54 294 469-3828

Address: El Bolsón, Argentina

PlayStore: radioelbolson

Frequency: 106.7 FM

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