Radio educativa FM 87.5


About Radio educativa FM 87.5

Radio educativa FM 87.5 features the best of the top charts of Brazilian Music. If you love new songs that are mainly popular locally and internationally, this will be a very prominent online radio station for their listeners across the world. Enjoy engaging and insightful educational talk from many of Brazil’s brightest rising stars. Radio educativa FM 87.5 is a radio station with music around the clock. Always presenting trending music for quality entertainment, this is one of the best radio stations for around-the-clock entertainment. Tune in to the radio now and start listening to great music.


Language: Português


WhatsApp: +5564999837068

Address: Avenida Santana, 2975. Paraíso, Santana/AP, CEP: 68.925-000–Central

Frequency: 87.5 MHz FM

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