Radio Cidade de Vitoria


About Radio Cidade de Vitoria

Its main philosophy is: quality in the air; inform with credibility; interact with respect for the listener; inform, provide services, and entertain; contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and citizenship of our region; value the regionalization and culture of our State. Radio Cidade de Vitoria was created to revolutionize the city of Vitoria do Mearim and ended up conquering the planet, as it arrived on October 31, 2008, linked to new technologies that the station seeks to follow. Today, Radio Cidade de Vitoria is the most powerful in the region with 10,000 KW of power and is in the process of migrating to FM. Everyone enjoys music that is a part of life. This Radio present 24 hours nonstop playing the best pop music and Brazilian music that is hype and credible.

Website: www.radiocid

FaceBook: radiocidadedevitoria

Language: Português


Contact Number: +(98)3352-1129

WhatsApp: +98984697349

Address: Praça Rio Branco,nº05 – Centro CEP.: 65.350-000 Vitória do Mearim – MA

Frequency: 89.9 MHz FM

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