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Radio Carve is traced back to 85 years of Uruguayan history, 85 years of history-carvecontinuo growth, adapting to each time to tell the best feeling in our country.
The beginning of our activities in 1928 in the neighborhood of Capurro in Montevideo, the first news programs and music supplements. The consecration of each figure passing by Carve microphones, crowds that exceeded studies in an effort to meet the artists. Carlos Gardel’s voice to delight audiences with a free directory.
The football world, the historic feat of the Maracana. The radius theater, film festivals. Changes of command, political changes and social changes. Commentators, comedians, masters of story and bequests made ​​this station cultural.Orgullosos an icon of identity and taxpayers feel part of the culture of Uruguay invite you to continue accompanying us for the 850 AM to share our enthusiasm and our biggest challenge, report.
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Genres: Current Affairs, Sports Talk

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