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Radio Bihać is the oldest media house in the Una-Sana Canton. We started working back in 1966. From then until today, this medium is constantly growing, changing and following modern trends, winning your hearts. We are proud of the vision of the founders of that time, who 45 years ago laid the foundations of journalism in our city through radio, the weekly newspaper “Krajina” and later TV Bihać. Radio Bihać was first aired on March 28, 1966, at noon. Program contents from the field of culture, economy, ecology, education, sports and other social events are in our program every day. With the sounds of the most beautiful music, and the voices of our hosts known to you for years, our goal is to keep your attention and sympathy on our radio waves.

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Email: [email protected]

FaceBook: rtvbihac

Twitter: @radio_bihac

Contact Number: +387 37 223-770

Address: Krupska BB 77000 Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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