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Radio Amplytud is an online radio station from Granada, Spain. It offers various programs for information, entertainment, music, culture, education, and expression. It started in 2013 and has been broadcasting live online to listeners around the world. Furthermore, it also organizes events and parties in different cities in Spain. It features magazine, musical, cultural, sports, health, and talk shows. All of its programs cover topics such as local customs, new talents, healthy habits, music and current affairs. Radio Amplytud aims to be the voice of the people of Granada and provide them with quality content and services.


FaceBook: radioamplitud1

Twitter: @RadioAmplytud

Instagram: radio_amplytud

Language: Spanish

Address: Granada, Spain

Country: Spain

Genres: Culture, Education, Entertainment, Information, Music

Application: Radio Amplytud App

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Radio Amplytud