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Dead mouse !!! Girls calm! Deadmau5 (approx. Ed. – A dead mouse) is a prominent representative of contemporary progressive music. And with us here who – Steve Angello, Markus Shultz, Armin Van Buuren, Deep Dish, Sandy Rivera. Once you are interested in the channel Progressive 101 – which means you are ready to really sound the best underground clubs in the world. Back in the early ’90s British DJ Sasha (born. Sasha) and Briton John Digweed (Eng. John Digweed) playing house with a touch of Italian music. Who knew that the taste will launch a huge musical direction, which for more than twenty years, does not lose its relevance. Yes, many of you will think (and probably utter): “Progress is not the same.” And they will be right. Progressive 20- and 10-year-old and modern – is very different. To channel Progressive 101, you can not only enjoy the best tracks in this direction, but also to compare – whether progressive music has changed so much? It has become tougher? Melodious? Aggressive? Or maybe gloomy? Compare? ..

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