Wietrzne Radio

United States

About Wietrzne Radio

Windy Radio was formed five czerwaca 2000 wave WNWI 1080 JESTEM. The largest proprietary radio program of the week in Chicago 7 hours from 5.00 am to 12.00 noon. We give to all who appreciate the optimism, vitality and fun. Extremely dynamic but happily stimulant to life program is aimed at active and smiling people. “News and entertainment” is our motto. Professional information services (including satellite broadcasting straight from Polish), Polish and European hits for each age group, the largest firing range (we are audible in five states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa) make it just the wakes us up and we are going to work the largest – about 70 percent of Poles in Chicago and the distant suburbs. Attractive programming schedule superinformacje and music-which you will not find in other programs make it from month to month “Windy Radio” to attract new listeners and takes them to other programs. “Windy Radio” is now the most popular program in the Windy City. Wietrzne Radio official web address is www.wietrzneradio.com

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