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Playing today’s best assortment to help you get past your day. Anything from nation, pop, shake, or to some smooth jazz will make sure to get your consideration. Music has been a route for some to get away from their lives and unwind. At whatever point there is a harsh day, one thing you can simply depend on to be there is music. Regardless of the class, the verses to the melodies frequently pass on the craftsman’s sentiments which enable others to associate with the music. That is the reason Variety 107.1 plays music that ranges crosswise over sorts to contact a more extensive gathering of people. To some of you music might be your escape and approach to convey what needs be, so kick back and appreciate the music and discharge some worry from your day. Much thanks to you for tuning into Variety 107.1 fm, we strive to give you the best music out there.

Gatunki: 70s, 80s, 90s, Classic Rock, Kraj, Pop, Top 40

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