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Tropiques Ocean Indien is the radio that plays popular and trending Indie music as well as nostalgic classic tracks too. Not just any kind of Indie music specially the tropical indie music. Tropical music has their own vibe and rhythm. From unique instruments to the catchy melody, everything creates a relaxing and invigorating environment. The aim of this radio is to bring those amazing tropical Indie music to world radio listeners, specially to French radio fans. Tune in to Tropiques Ocean Indien to enjoy the best music from the Indian Ocean region. The radio also plays a variety of genres, such as sega, maloya, salegy, seggae, and zouk, that reflect the diversity and richness of the cultures and languages of the islands.



FaceBook: radiotropiquesfm

Świergot: @tropiquesfm

Wikipedia: Tropiques_FM

Language: French

Contact Number: +33 1 46 48 92 60

Address: 4 bd des îles, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

AppStore: tropiques

Frequency: 92.6 FM

Gatunki: Indie, Tropical Music, Zouk

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