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Radio The Way of the Salaf. It is an accredited non-public radio, whose first and predominant aim is to unfold the doctrine of the Salaf and to call our exact and blessed society to the fact with appropriate preaching and an indication of goodness and steering. Radio The Way of the Salaf. Atheer conveys the voice of fact, enjoining what’s proper and forbidding what is incorrect according to the strict recommendations of Sharia, displaying human beings the good and urging them to follow its route, and displaying them the evil and caution them no longer to observe its paths.

Stronie internetowej:

Facebook: salafwayfm

Świergot: salafwayfm


Numer kontaktowy: +218 92-4101030

Adres: Znata 218 Tripoli, Libia

Frequency: 100.3

Kraj: Libia

Gatunki: Islamic

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