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Doing a bit of history, Hilk 88.5 FM (formerly 88.6 MHz) station identified as “Mirador Stereo” in the early 70’s, then in the 80’s as “La Brava” in tropical music format (Salsa and Merengue) , remembered for his contributions to Dominican phrase, as its owner, Don Castro Otilio Luperon, gave many opportunities for young talents that emerged by the time the Dominican radio. At the end of the decade of the 90’s is often becomes part of the company TeleRadio America crendo the “Studio Rock” project, a musical format “Oldies” that placed music in English for several decades, from the 60’s to 80’s. The station was targeted in the beginning, by Maria Victoria and then by Igor Ureña. For 2003, the company Teleradio America decided that the musical programming of the station to do a turn in order to penetrate a wider range within an adult population aged 25 and older, class ABC. To do this, the word “Rock” in the name of the station was removed and added the “88”, hence the old name “Studio 88” and programming based on placing only Spanish ballads of the last 3 decades was created and the most interesting programs of national and international events.

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