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Radio Fortuna achieves three errands: Informing, teaching and engaging and inspired by occasions, marvels, individuals. It originates from the idea that radio Fortune’s standards are to offer audience members programs that are generally significant: enlightening instructive amusement and obviously quality, likewise with most radio broadcasts, the premise of the programming plan comprises of a melodic program, comprising of painstakingly safeguarded quality homegrown and less significantly unfamiliar music, since 1998. Radio Fortuna effectively impacts raising the degree of melodic taste of audience members.

Stronie internetowej: rtvfortuna.com

E-mail: rtvk54@gmail.com

Numer kontaktowy: 025/413-980, 412-454

Adres: 25000 Sombor, Kralja Petra

Kraj: Serbia

Gatunki: / /

Podanie: RTV Fortuna Radio App

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