Radio Tropical FM 95.7

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About Radio Tropical FM 95.7

Radio Tropical FM 95.7 is a radio station located in Tres Coracoes, a city in the south of Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Radio Tropical FM 95.7 has a format that primarily focuses on playing music. It offers a variety of genres, including popular Brazilian music, international hits, and traditional music styles. The station’s music selection caters to a broad audience, aiming to provide entertainment for listeners of different age groups and musical preferences. The radio station also plays hits and eclectic music genres, such as pop, R&B, samba, and sertanejo. The radio station has a variety of programs and presenters, such as Balacobaco with DJ Wesley, Cidade em Revista with Carol Lima, Comando 95 with Graziela Mello and Nelson Costa, and Vitrola 95 with Luis Carlos de Freitas.


FaceBook: Radio Tropical TC

Language: Português


Contact Number: +55 35 3239-3600


Address: Rua Casemiro Avelar Filho, 143, Três Corações, MG, Brazil

Frequency: Três Corações, 95.7 MHz FM

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