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Radio Marneuli broadcasts in Georgian, Azerbaijani and Russian. The first community radio in the Kvemo-Kartli region, Marneuli, was established in partnership with the People’s Voice Journalists’ Union, Studio Res and the BBC. The aim of the radio is to provide regional news to the population of Marneuli, to promote socio-cultural life and to increase civic activism. Different types of radio programs will be created taking into account the interests of the population and their active involvement.


FaceBook: Radio Marneuli 96.9 FM/ რადიო მარნეული 96.9 FM

Language: ქართული


Contact Number: +995 557 99 44 15

WhatsApp: 995557994415

Address: K. Gamsakhurdia street #12 3001 Marneuli, Georgia

Frequency: 96.9 FM

Gatunki: News

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