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Radio Legal 101.9 FM, based in Ceres, was created with the aim of filling the gap in the city and surrounding region. Its modern and popular programming is on the air 24 hours a day and includes music, prizes, and promotions. Through Radio Legal 101.9 FM, they intend to make known the truth of what is happening to their people and how they can help each other as brothers that they are. Listen to this radio station with Brazilian music, content programs, social interest campaigns, cheerful announcers, and much more to bring joy, freedom, and hope to their people.


FaceBook: Legal FM

Świergot: @tofeliztolegal

Instagram: legalfmceres

Language: Português


Contact Number: +(62) 3307-1184

WhatsApp: +5562985099860

Address: Rua 16, nº 235 – Centro Ceres – GO

Frequency: Ceres 101.9 MHz FM

Gatunki: Brazilian Music, Dance, Pop, Talk

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Radio Legal 101.9 FM | Radio internetowe na żywo