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Radio Jacuipe operates on the 1500 AM frequency and is the main media vehicle in the city of Riachao do Jacuipe, Bahia, Brazil. For a socially and culturally varied audience, Radio Jacuipe broadcasts its content and customizes its playlists. This Radio broadcasts a wide range of local productions in addition to a variety of educational and entertainment programs. The current news, cultural, entertainment, and sports domains are all covered in their productions and information-based programs. They serve as a conduit for listeners and musical expression.


FaceBook: Rádio Jacuípe

Wikipedia: Rádio Jacuípe

Language: Português

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +(75) 3264-2189

Address: Rua Padre Argemiro Guimarães, 32, CEP: 44640-000, Riachão do Jacuípe-BA

Frequency: Conceição do Jacuípe, 1500 kHz AM

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