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Radio Biskra regional day forum featured leading information service outstanding individual in the extensive network of public listener, extending the geographic grouping several states from the east and south, Algerians, and increasing them in the network software upscale flexible responsive to the aspirations of all those fans, whether it is related to the main network, which begin work by the beginning of each entry a social or Bcpktin two special month of Ramadan and the summer of each year, the networks take into account the specificities of each community groups and concerns, desires and needs and ambitions program networks proved and proved each time for all it worthwhile interest and follow-up listeners because of its literal distinct and good proof of that harvest Broadcasting Awards and Confessions different, most notably the coronation of radio award at least in the first two editions of the competition Golden Microphone organized by the Algerian radio start of last year to choose the best radio programs nationally and in the Maghreb where I got Radio Biskra in the first edition of the award for best output and got in Edition second Macrawfonin Gold Sponsors of the first and second best Rburtaj radio rare in the registry after that she ran alone on four occasions for competitions on the Golden Microphone.
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