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The Benin Broadcasting and Television Office (ORTB) is a public established order with a social, kulturalny, and medical person endowed with prison character and monetary autonomy. The ORTB comes below the executive supervision of the Ministry in rate of Communication. It is headed via way of means of a Board of Directors whose participants are appointed via way of means of presidential decree. The Board of Directors is vested with the broadest powers to behave in all instances on behalf of the Office inside the limits of its company purpose.

Stronie internetowej: ortb.bj

Facebook: ORTB

Świergot: ORTB

E-mail: contact@ortb.bj

Numer kontaktowy: +229 21 30 0048 / 96524451

Adres: BP 366 Route de l’aéroport Cotonou Bénin

Kraj: Benin

Podanie: ORTB App

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