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Новое Радио is currently broadcasting at a frequency of 95.5 FM in Dushanbe and RRS. The musical format of this radio is the main Tajik songs. The brightest and most popular compositions of Tajik performers, unconditional hits, sound on the air of New Radio.

Stronie internetowej: newradio.tj

Facebook: NewRadio Tj

Instagram: newradio.tj

YouTube: ИМШАБ Channel

Język: тоҷикӣ

E-mail: info@newradio.tj

Numer kontaktowy: +992 44 620 0955

WhatsApp: +992550055955

Adres: 734000. Таджикистан, г.Душанбе, р-н Шохмансур, ул.Кутби Киром 1

Frequency: Dushanbe, 95.5 MHz FM

Kraj: Tadżykistan

Gatunki: / /

Podanie: Новое Радио App

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