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The MAX FM is a modern radio station broadcasts at a frequency of 100.2 MHz.
The program MAX FM is alive, quality, in short, plenty of Greek music and options of all the successes of the foreign discography.

The Max Fm supports in the form of sponsorship, events, social and cultural interest, take the first broadcasts of the most favorite singers of Greek music scene, hosting the studio interviews of popular singers such as Sakis Rouvas, the Antonis Remos, Natassa Theodoridou, the Haris Alexiou etc. and actors such as George Kimoulis Costas Kazakou, John Stankoglou and many others that appear occasionally in concerts or theaters of the city of Chania … These are some of the activities that take place daily in Max Fm 100,2, because radio does not only mean Music and effective presence in social and cultural life of the city of Chania.
It also provides good information about what is happening in Crete, Greece and worldwide.

Listeners of max fm are people active, happy, full of life !!! Tuned in MAX FM informed relax, have fun, smile, fall in love …

The MAX FM nineteen years of evolved and remains the first radio of Chania and one of the most popular in Crete. Loved for its dynamics, sensitivity to local issues, and continued support with the latest technology for radio coverage even in the most remote areas.

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