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About La Pachanguera FM

LA pachanguera FM is a Broadcast Online broadcasting from the city of New York to the world through the Internet 24 hours, with the best Musical Programming, making a list of topics is a collection of the best hits of Tropical Dance Music Colombian and other Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba. This tour of the most representative melodies tropical genus, which encompasses rhythms like cumbia, porro, merengue, salsa, walk, bagpipes, vallenato among others. were recorded in the second half of the twentieth century, filled with joy and flavor to a whole Hispanic community, which enjoyed, danced and celebrated to the sound of these rhythms always conducive to socialize in times of alegría.La Colombian tropical music is one of the genres more varied, important, popular and international music heard, as in his compositions joy, rhythm, feeling, fun and above all the flavor party wherever he hears it, stands out for this reason our programming is dedicated to meet a large part of the most renowned artists interpret this musical rhythm that undoubtedly are considered by the masses as the most famous medium and have earned the appreciation of the people of the people using the effort and dedication to this beautiful art. La Pachanguera FM official website address is

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