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On June 26, 1986, just three years before the birth of the Colimanse television, the first Colimense radio station emerges, in AM frequency with the acronym XEBCO, “The Powerful Voice of Colima” that was initially operated in a way joint with IMER Group. W grudniu 2004, the broadcaster acquires independence and operates only as a state broadcaster and it is in May 2006, when it achieves the change to modulated frequency in the 98.1 tuning and transforms its image to 98.1 FM Connection. At the moment, it transmits in said frequency and tuning and integrates, together with the state television, to the Colimanse Institute of Radio and Television, ICRTV.

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Facebook: Canal12Colima

Świergot: canal12colima

Numer kontaktowy: +52 312 313 2112

Adres: Calle Los Regalado Colima City

Kraj: Meksyk

Gatunki: /

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