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United States
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About Aloha Joe’s Ukulele Island Radio

Aloha Joe’s Ukulele Island Radio is a popular addition to the instrumental music radio stations by Aloha Joe. It’s a popular island radio station from Hawaii, USA, that plays only the ukulele, a four-stringed instrument that is the heart of island music. The ukulele is heard on island beaches and in concert halls around the world. It’s as much a part of island life as is the sand and the sea. Aloha Joe’s Ukulele Island Radio was created in 2020 by Aloha Joe, a famous Hawaiian radio personality. He has been broadcasting Hawaiian music for over 30 years. He decided to dedicate a radio station to the ukulele music. It features all of Hawaii’s great Ukulele performers, such as Herb Ohta Jr., Ohta-San, Andy Sexton and many more.



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Language: English

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