Para FM 96.3


About Para FM 96.3

Para FM 96.3 is in a privileged geographical position, located in Santa Maria and covering several municipalities in the northeast of Para. With a powerful transmitter and 50-meter-high tower, bringing joy, information, Pop, hits, and entertainment to an important region. With strong signal and quality programming, Para FM 96.3 is already a true success! The broadcaster has excellent programming, and its coverage covers more than 30 municipalities in Para: Castanhal, Capanema, Capitao Poco, Irituia, Igarape-Acu, Sao Miguel do Guama, Mae do Rio, Santarem Novo, Nova Timboteua, Sao Francisco do Para, Bonito, Sao Domingos do Capim, Sao Francisco do Para, Primavera, Benevides, Magalhaes Barata, Maracana, Terra Alta, Ourem, and Santa Izabel do Para.


Language: Português


Contact Number: +55 91 98946-3651

Frequency: 96.3 MHz FM

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