Ostseewelle Hits fur Kids

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About Ostseewelle Hits fur Kids

Ostseewelle Hits fur Kids is a German radio station that plays music for children. It is a great way for children to hear their favorite songs and discover new music. The station plays a variety of genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, and country. Ostseewelle Hits fur Kids is also a great resource for parents. The station provides information about upcoming events and activities for children. It also offers tips on how to keep children entertained and safe online.

Website: www.ostseewelle.de

FaceBook: IloveOstseewelle

Twitter: @ostseewelle_de

Instagram: ostseewelle_hitradio_mv

YouTube: @OstseewelleHITRADIO

Wikipedia: Ostseewelle

Language: Deutsch

Email: info@ostseewelle.de

Contact Number: +49 381 4978110

Address: Warnowufer 59a, Rostock, Germany

PlayStore: Ostseewelle HIT-RADIO M-V

AppStore: ostseewelle-hit-radio

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