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About On Air Radio

On Air Radio operated by On Air Media Group, a non-profit organization. We are located at Ryen in Oslo, where we have established a studio and production facilities. It is a good that very few other online radios, and we are obviously very proud of what we have achieved so far. On Air Radio started first as a teen dream, when Vidar toughness sat utterly alone in her room at Gurgaon. Interest radio arose when a former radio accidentally appeared on the screen. The entire listening experience was fascinating! There were young people never heard of, who had potentially worldwide as the audience. After several years as permanent listening, grew dream of creating something like itself. The dream was realized tried several times, but was characterized by few drivers. It was only in 2011 that the great planning started and (re) launch took place in February 2012. The channel is run by enthusiastic people with an interest in music and radio, which currently only has this as a hobby. Hobby or not, it is the product that is essential, and we work hard to make our product the best in the environment.

On Air Radio official website address is www.onairradio.no

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