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Ocamonte Stéreo 107.2 FM is an invigorating radio station that brings the vibrant sounds of Latin music to life. With a pulsating rhythm and an irresistible groove, it captivates listeners with its captivating tunes and infectious beats. It operates on 107.2 FM and offers a variety of music genres, such as rancheras, recuerdos, crossover and Colombian folk. Ocamonte Stéreo 107.2 FM also provides community news and cultural events. This is also a great source for good music and local information. It’s for the listeners to come together and share their culture and traditions.

Website: zeno.fm/ocamonte-stereo

Language: Spanish

Address: Ocamonte Santander, Colombia.

Frequency: 107.2 FM

Genres: Community, Information, Latin, Music, Talk

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