Nostalgie 2000

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About Nostalgie 2000

Nostalgie 2000 is a Belgian radio station that plays the best classical songs from the 2000s era. It is a popular destination for fans of classical music, offering a wide range of songs from iconic composers of Belgium and across the globe. This is the perfect radio for quality listening time for those who loves the iconic classic music from the 20000s era. In this decade the music industry was crowded with masterclass musicians and singers. In summary, Nostalgie 2000 is your portal to the timeless classics of the 2000s. With every song, you’re transported back to an era of nostalgia and musical brilliance. It offers a seamless listening experience of this iconic musical period.



FaceBook: nostalgiebelgique

Twitter: @NostalgieBE

Instagram: nostalgiebelgique

YouTube: NostalgieBE

Wikipedia: Nostalgie_Wallonie

Language: French

Contact Number: +32 2 227 04 50

Address: Chaussée de louvain, 775, Evere, Belgium

PlayStore: nostalgie

AppStore: nostalgie-belgique

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