Maturi FM


About Maturi FM

Maturi FM is a community radio station located in Vertentes, Pernambuco, Brazil. It broadcasts on 104.9 FM and is known as “A Voz de Livramento” (The Voice of Livramento). The station was founded in 2023 and is owned and operated by the Associacao Cultural Maturi (Maturi Cultural Association). It is a non-profit organization that aims to promote culture and education in the region. Maturi FM broadcasts a variety of programming, including music, news, and talk shows. It features a mix of Brazilian Music and international music. The station also produces its own news and talk shows, which cover local and regional issues. They hope you enjoy this radio, where they return to the traditional FM where you could listen to Music.


Language: Português


Contact Number: +5581982544769

WhatsApp: +5581982544769

Frequency: 104.9 MHz FM

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