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The Charqueada is an ancient port dating back to the late eighteenth century and its name derives from the manufacture of jerky, a particular way of preparing meat based on their salty. Its population dates back to 1914 in fields Joaquin Machado, who elects to donate 146 acres to the formation of the town on condition that their names streets Oriental remember who fought for independence.
In 1937 the official name takes Village General Enrique Martinez, although its people identify, since then under the name of The Charqueada.
Through its port – as a commercial hub with Brazil – the jerky and grease were permanent sale items, then joining the cafe. The old customs building is a faithful witness to the historical heritage of the place.
In 1969 the town reaches the Salesian priest Vincent Monteleone, caring man and entrepreneurship. Died in 1991, countless works left a great impression on the people of La Charqueada, with benefits for the whole community.
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