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About LE Radio

LE Radio is a Spain online radio station. LE Radio, which got in the summer of 1998 with two transmitters. The power of both was minimal and the project was abandoned the following year. However, the station continued broadcasting on its minimum distance from the first days of July of that year from 10 am to 2 pm and 4 to 8 to 10 pm Monday through Sunday. The station, called in its principles until his disappearance Radio Calculus (teacher’s name inventor in The Adventures of Tintin) emitted mainly music radiated by other radios. ‘s dismantling of the radio was made ​​to stop my involvement in legal matters and, as I said before, its low range. February 2013 In my old passion for radio appeared again at the possibility of issuing online. On the 15th of that month began issuing Laszlo & Edgar radius (names taken from two comic characters), abbreviated from June this year as LE radius (initials of the names of both characters) to make it a better name remembered for listeners. The audience grew and we hear from the Antipodes and across America. since May has joined a partner who records the wedges and inserted in the musical program weekly programs.Radio that broadcasts pop, rock and news every hour. LE Radio official website address is www.leradio.webpin.com
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