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It’s been now forty years since Valentino Mancini Cilla opens with a handful of young men in a basement of the old town of Malton the Radio M modulated on 99.400 MHz. It was 1977 and the bold entrepreneur, after Ascoli Radio and Radio Aut is, in chronological order, the third province’s private radio experience. The issuer is three years, delights the listeners with its famous dedications live, nightlife, quizzes, Sunday, practically everything that characterized the local radio of the time. After the initial enthusiasm Valentino Mancini knows it’s time to adjust. For this move by the issuer in Pharaoh, always in Malton, upgrade the facilities and especially the frequency buys 98,500 that remains perhaps the band’s first point of reference. M becomes Radio broadcasting programs in national circulation recorded in Rome and shipped daily via courier. Begins to mold the Network nationally syndicated albeit with more archaic methods that gives voice to speakers then known as Anna Pettinelli, Frederick the Flying Dutchman etc… Mancini believes that the era of small broadcasting is running out, and after a brief period again as the local Radio In Maltignano comes marriage with Radio 105. And the turning point: the frequency is placed on the Monte Peas to embrace all the Marche and Abruzzi. The first national network, thanks to the newness but also to the power and signal quality index records with 105 altissimi. Il relationship dissolves after three years to go to radio DJ in 1988. Meanwhile Mancini Cilla buys frequencies and equipment of the legendary Radio Blue Ascoli to lay the foundations of space also of local journalism, especially sports, his former ball thanks to the ancient participation as an advisor dell’Ascoli Football Costantino Rozzi. Here comes the apparentamento with Italian Network on the new frequencies. But the turning point came in 1990 with the union with a network emerging from the curious name that seeks to undermine the monopoly of the giants Milan (105, DJ, RDS) with a channel that radiates only Italian music LatteMiele. Quest’apparentamento, which is still very strong, and (Lattemiele for years remains in first place in Teramo and Ascoli for viewing figures) represent the real take-off of image and advertising, thanks to the new frequencies fm 103,500 for city Ascoli, Teramo and province FM 98 – 101.7 which go to support the frequency consolidatissima now 98,500. But the icing on the cake comes with the establishment of the sports mainly linked to the events dell’Ascoli Football, beloved team is not only the city but the entire province of Ascoli Piceno and the neighboring province of Teramo. Part of the young Serafino Galli which is accompanied by early Armando Falcioni, with whose voices begin to familiarize yourself plenty of sports on Sunday and twice a week with sports magazines. In 1994, the voices dell’Ascoli alongside Alessandro Conti famous sports journalist and crime has always been the Director of the headboard and friend of Mancini Cilla’s Day, in 2004 also Eugenio Gaspari advertising speaker and now a journalist. The sports editor who still keeps track of many viewers on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday at 19.15 live, remains the touch of class to an adventure radio exemplary, very successful and professionalism. Official website of Latte Miele is

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