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I am LA-FM 107.2. Whatever it is that you thought about me, think again. I am not a typical broadcaster. I am the augmented voice of the region and nation. I will not apologise for being me. I will not hide or disguise being loud and being proud. I know who I am; I know where I come from and where I’m going. I embrace my culture and my roots. I am LA-FM 107.2. I am not one-sided. I will never water down how I genuinely feel and what I really want to say. This is my province. My country. I will forever acknowledge where I come from. Nothing will stop me from always working with others, no matter who they are, to make the place I call home even better. I live to instigate open, meaningful dialogue. That is my responsibility. I’m a forward thinker. That is who I am. I am LA-FM 107.2.
To create a deeper and more positive understanding amongst my diverse countrymen is my reason for being. My job is not done until unity is achieved and if frank talk is needed.

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Language: English

Contact Number: 051 611 1055

Genres: Various

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