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Konya Gozyasi FM steal the door with our sickness.
Only our omnipresent riches ointment, our needs are the stars above the stars. I need you twice every time I have a sperm.
In the universe that you exist, while you do not occupy space as much as the spot, you have the hearts to discover the kainath, you have opened the way to our dervish lodge. While our secrets are obvious to you,
You sent the word “Settar”, and I am Allah, who knows you without waiting for your sacrifices.
You are reminded of us, we are unaware, we are filled with zakkrin and Iman Nuru is spreading to us.
Konya Gozyasi FM are the case for you; to tell you, O God, forgive what we have done before, and what Konya Gozyasi FM have left behind, what Konya Gozyasi FM have done publicly, and what we have done secretly.
You are the one who takes you forward, and you are God in the back.
Love Is Not A Word
Love Paper does not write to Web Sites; The heart is scraped.
Love Is or No Love. Love is not smart;
It is a Beauty that is Kept in the Heart and Living.
The love of God and Rasul: Sadly, the illness is the will of happiness.
Always be with the love of Allah and the Messenger of Allah
Contact Info:
Babalik Mahallesi Demirci Ismerkezi B/Blok Kat:7 No: 703 Selcuklu/KONYA
Phone: 0 332 353 77 73
Konya Gozyasi FM website address is www.konyagozyasifm.com

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