Keleá Voice 91.5FM


About Keleá Voice 91.5FM

Keleá Voice 91.5FM is a radio station that celebrates the rich and diverse musical heritage of Tonga, an island country in Polynesia, part of Oceania. It plays the best music of Tonga, from traditional songs and dances that have withstood the test of time, to contemporary genres that reflect the influence of other cultures. The station plays a wide variety of music, including traditional Tongan music, contemporary Tongan music, and international music. This is also a great way to learn about Tongan culture and history. Keleá Voice 91.5FM also keeps its listeners up to date with the latest happening events and news in the country and across the globe. Offers news, info, discussion and many other programs.


FaceBook: keleavoice

Language: Tongan

Contact Number: +676 23-733

Address: 39 Sunia ‘Akaveka, Nuku`alofa, Tonga

Frequency: 91.5 FM

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