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The Porch Factor began life as The Ron and Robb Show which started in 2008 as The Wreck with DJ Robbio Robbio on 99.1 EaglesFM in Daytona Beach, Florida (Campus Radio Station at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)….*WHEW*! Over the first month of shows, Ron and Robb realized that their air breaks…the talking part…were much more entertaining and fun to do than playing music for 2 ore. That was all they needed. The show was then re-branded as The Ron and Robb Show and re-tooled as a shock jock style talk show. Ron and Robb showed marked success on the campus radio station with a great base of loyal fans/listeners from all over the world. The format of the show, essentially making fun of whoever or whatever seemed worthy, changed very little during its run until the show was cancelled by station management. The cancellation was due to the two hosts coming off as offensive…taking on subjects and people without any consideration to feelings. “Well what’s wrong with that,” Ron and Robb asked… The popularity of Podcasting have given Ron and Robb a new voice to do a show the way THEY want to. That being said, here it is. We hope you enjoy.

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