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Radio Sucesso FM was made in 1991 on the activity of columnist Colonel Pedro Magalhaes de Faria and finance manager Fernando Malta. Since its execution, it has driven the crowd in Divinopolis.
This was the principal radio in the locale to perform down-home tunes and keep an incredibly mainstream collection, which arrives at a large number of homes, business foundations and organizations contacting individuals of the most fluctuated social classes and age gatherings. With a wide and diverse crowd, the telecaster is additionally ready to get an incredible connection with the urban areas of the Midwest, particularly those inside a range of around 70km.

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Facebook: sucessofm

Twitter: SucessoNoticias

Instagram: radio_sucessofm


Wikipedia: Sucesso_FM


Numero di contatto: +55 37 3229-9393

Indirizzo: Rua Pernambuco 559 – 10° andar, centro

Play store: Radio Sucesso FM

Nazione: Brasile

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