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Radio Puls 94.7 FM is a popular online radio station broadcasting from Târgoviște, Romania. It plays pop, news, top 40, and oldies music, and it is popular among people aged 35 to 65. It also features lively and nonconformist information and self-promotion, as well as hits from the history of music. The radio mostly plays all the popular Contemporary Hit music from dawn to dusk. Its programs are designed to appeal to a broad range of listeners from across the globe. Listeners of all age groups and backgrounds from Romania and other regions tunes the radio. If you are a fan of Romanian and international pop, rock, top 40, and other hottest contemporary hit songs then Radio Puls 94.7 FM is the perfect radio for you.



FaceBook: radioPulsFm

Twitter: @PULSFM

Instagram: puls.fm947

YouTube: PulsTargoviste

TikTok: pulsfmtargoviste

Language: Romanian

Contact Number: +40 751 329 315

Address: Aviator Negel nr.2, Targoviste, Romania

Frequency: 94.7 FM

Generi: Contemporary Hit, Hits, Pop, Rock

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