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Radio Oeste Capital FM, has as its main activity, the diffusion of sound in frequency modulation. with live programming, generated 24 hours a day and in its entirety produced in Chapeco, makes the public feel closer to the station, listening to a local radio makes it interact with the community, if know what happens in your city, this way Radio Oeste Capital FM, in the last 20 years has reached the best ratings in our city. The regional accent and respect for the musical taste of the listener, with eclectic musical programming that includes sertanejo, nativist, pagoda, pop, roccia, romantic, flashback and others, thus reaching listeners of all ages and classes. They are the main factors of conquest to the public, besides the coverings “live” and also of the accomplishment of events.

Radio Oeste Capital website address is OesteCapitalFM

Nazione: Brasile

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