Radio Nisaa


About Radio Nisaa

Nisaa FM communicates in Arabic worldwide from its site and on 96.0 FM for Central West Bank, 96.2 FM for Northern West Bank, 92.2 for Southern West Bank, and Northern Gaza. The radio station is situated in and works from, Ramallah. The nature of Nisaa FM’s modifying, the ability of its moderators and makers, its brilliant play records, and the quality of its flag, all add to recognizing the radio from most other media outlets in the area. Projects are advanced by a group of onlookers interest by means of messages, call­-ins, and vox pops assembled by a little system of female volunteer reporters who give updates and assessments from various governorates. Nisaa FM’s site and online networking action supplement the radio’s generation with news, stories, and gathering of people assessment and criticism. The site streams Nisaa FM’s customizing and hence interfaces ladies in a land possessed and partitioned by dividers with the world.

Radio Nisaa website address is

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