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Central Radio was born in Cesena in 1975. And one of the first private radio stations in Italy. They start was, in fact, when it was still illegal to transmit fm also undergoing heavy penal consequences in force at the time. It seems like yesterday, but it’s been more than 35 years, over a third of a century, perhaps strange, but then who ran radio was seen as a madman who was going to collide against a public authority which had only reserved to himself the right to transmit. We lived this experience with enthusiasm and fear because frequent were the convictions and the subpoenas by a public organization monopolist hard to die. In all, though, there was the knowledge to participate in a major breakthrough era in the field of freedom of information. The battles were won, and in 1990 there was the legalization of private radio stations by the state. Then the radio started to grow and invest. And ‘thanks to the pioneers who were born then what are now the largest private television networks that have changed the way we live. Transported by the novelty and enthusiasm, we have experienced all the phases and the evolution of private broadcasting as in a film: the film itself which then represented with some success. The current company was founded in 1981 and since then it is still the same: it has never changed no name or business name and management team. Today, thanks to the interconnection of twelve plants and seven frequencies Central Radio broadcast all over the Romagna until Pesaro included. You do not have expansionist ambitions but the aim is to qualify within a basin that is still vast and important. Twelve newsletters are sent the day as well as various programs to generalist character. For over 35 years, the Central Radio has acquired a large customer base that covers all classes and activities of the district and it is thanks to the many advertisers who grew up and now lives in the hope of writing an important future as the past. Official website of Radio Centrale Cesena is

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