Mortal 90.7 FM

United States

About Mortal 90.7 FM

Mortal 90.7 FM, your one-stop destination for various music to transport you to a world of sonic delight. Its eclectic playlist seamlessly blends the familiar music as well as hidden gems. This ensures that the radio remains popular among listeners of all age group. Whether you like pop music, rock hits, reggae, dance or the nostalgic classic songs Mortal FM covers all types of music genres. With an extensive playlist that spans different eras and cultures, you’re bound to discover new favorite songs and artists. If you’re in search of a radio station that caters to your music preferences and offers a delightful blend of tracks, tune in to Mortal 90.7 FM.


Language: English

Contact Number: 8298395087

Address: PATERSON NJ, United States of America

Frequency: 90.7 FM

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