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About GRTS Radio

GRTS is The Gambia’s only public service broadcaster. In December 1995 the Government commissioned the Gambia Radio and Television Service (GRTS) TV station.
Under the umbrella of Gambia Telecommunications Company (Gamtel) it was to perform test transmissions from a 5KW transmitter situated at Abuko covering for the Greater Banjul Area.
Later, a couple of transmitting stations were erected at the villages of Bansang and Soma inland to achieve national broadcasting coverage. Despite these earlier efforts some areas of The Gambia, in particular the up-river regions still remain outside the airing range.
Since the moment of its commissioning, GRTS has operated as a public service station in the tradition of the older established Radio Gambia. The majority of the programmes are dedicated to a news, public service announcements, education, entertainment and religious programmes. Broadcasts are made in all the 4 main languages as well as English and French. Some programmes from foreign sources like the BBC News of the UK, CNN of the USA, Deutsche Welle of Germany and CFI of France are also regularly shown within the GRTS station’s programme schedule.
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