Classic Rock 94.5


About Classic Rock 94.5

No other station in Canada pumps out the sheer scope of rock n’ move that we do. We’re glad to play rock from the most recent 40 years, and we wear it like a marker. The limitless and willing gathering of people for this rock n’ roll are Mid-Western Ontario’s Finest. You’ll be hard-pressed to discover a people of individuals anyplace else that are so decently educated in the workmanship and information of rock. Their steadfastness to us is unparalleled, and they’re continually tackling new individuals.

Excellent Rock 945 mission is basic: to immerse Mid-Western Ontario with something that they’ve been starved for a really long time: rock n’ come in all its rapscallion greatness. We won’t be fulfilled until Classic Rock 945 has turned into the #1 station in Ontario, as well as in all of Canada.

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