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Abdul Mohsen Al Obeikan is a Saudi Arabian by birth (1372 Hijrah), Sheikh Abdul Mohsen bin Nasser Al Obeikan studied in the city of Al Taif and joined the University of Shari’a in Mecca. Thereafter, he completed his studies at the University of Shari’a in Riyadh.
The Sheikh had been exposed to imamate since his childhood years due to his father, but he officially entered this field in his college years when he was appointed the imam and khateeb in Mohammad Bin Abdulrahman Al Obeikan’s mosque, and in Al Jawhara mosque in Riyadh.
His teachers include prominent figures such as Sheikh Muhammad Makhdoum Al Bukhari, Sheikh Muhammad Sukar and Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamid.

Abdulmohsin Al-Obaikan official website address is www.mp3quran.net

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